Want to help protect democracy? Empower is searching for a Director of Analytics.

Here's a high-leverage opportunity for a talented person to help elect a democratic president in 2020.

Empower is a non-profit startup that has raised millions from people who care about the health of our democracy. Our donors include the Rockefeller family, the Ford Foundation, and many others. Our core metrics have been shooting up and to the right.

We're dramatically increasing civic engagement, voter registration, and voter turnout in swing states for the 2020 elections. If you’re a talented data analyst, this is an extremely high-leverage opportunity for you to personally help make a difference.

Core skills

We're looking for a someone who has:

  • Huge expertise in SQL: given access to a relational database, can answer any question the data allows for!
  • Knowledge of political work and VAN
  • Empathy and communication: is able to figure out what people need, not what they say they want.
  • Clear writing

Core Responsibilities

  • Participating in the daily tech support check-in call with the CEO and tech support ticket manager in order to review short-term needs and evaluate if any responses require data analysis, exports, or further escalation.
  • Handling any exports or data analysis needs that come up (internal and external)
  • Working directly with national data directors of larger organizations or coalitions to ensure proper data pipelines.

Additional possible projects

We're a team of 15 full-time people, and so there are many possible opportunities for someone with an analytical mindset to contribute. If you're interested / able / up for it, here are some possibilites:


  • Helping refine our north-star metric (roughly: relational conversations weighted by electoral importance)
  • Helping establish metrics that are leading indicators of our north-star metric


  • Participating in a research project funded by the Ford Foundation in conjunction with the Analyst Insititue to review internal historical data to discover trends
  • Calculate cost efficacy by estimating how much field organizer time is spent to get a certain result


  • Examining product analytics (via Mixpanel) to discover useful insights (funnel analysis, retention, etc)
  • Examining product analytics to help evaluate particular features
  • Noticing patterns and deficiencies in the product and serving as a voice aiding in product prioritization
  • Writing up documents that communicate information about new features to existing users and internal staff
  • Creating a knowledgebase based on common questions and support tickets


  • Look for patterns in the data to identify trends, flag organizations which may be succeeding or failing, and work with the training staff to intervene or congratulate those groups if needed. If an organization has achieved a large growth spurt, work with training staff to determine why and if there are common trends that overlap and could be generalized to others.


  • Building data pipelines
  • Writing scripts to handle common tasks

Who would be a good fit?

This opportunity is perfect for someone who has written extensive SQL in the past, has knowledge of VAN, and wants to use their skills to help protect democracy by electing leaders who won't imprison children, abandon allies, or destroy democratic norms.

We’re an equal opportunity employer and we won’t discriminate based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual preference. Women, persons of color, and people from the LGBT community are all strongly encouraged to apply.

Compensation & Benefits

  • $70-$90k
  • Healthcare

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How does Empower increase civic engagement and voting?

When people ask their close friends and family to vote, those friends and family members become much more likely to actually do it. Empower is a product and training course that helps community groups scale up this kind of direct personal outreach.

It’s effective. Empower has been studied in 9 different independently-run, randomly controlled trials which all found that its usage led to large and statistically significant increases in voter turnout.

It’s growing fast. From 2016 to 2018, Empower grew by a factor of 30x, ultimately reaching 100,000 voters. In 2020, we aim to 20x again: we have a line of groups out the door, and are onboarding/training them as fast as we can. Our goal is to reach over a million swing state voters, which would win us 30,000+ additional democratic votes. (For comparison, Trump won by a margin of ~78k votes.)

More concretely, how does Empower increase civic engagement and voting?

Here’s an example. In 2018, a group used Empower to help organize Latinx restaurant workers who wanted a minimum wage ,rather than $2 + tips, in Michigan. Those workers talked about the issue with their friends and family — who were often low-propensity voters — and just before the election, asked them something like, "I need this minimum wage. Will you vote on my behalf?"

As you might imagine, this kind of direct personal ask is immensely powerful for increasing engagement and getting people to vote — and our positive results are backed up by multiple, independent, large random controlled studies of Empower. Empower has been shown to be much more effective than e.g. a stranger calling or knocking on a door.

Personally, I’m helping this project because it's one of the most cost-effective methods of increasing turnout.

We work closely with the organizingempowerment.org training team to help provide training and support to organizations running relational organizing programs using the Empower tool.

Is Empower aligned with a particular candidate?

Empower is working to increase turnout among likely democratic voters, which is helpful no matter who the local/state/federal candidates are. A huge number of organizers who will participate in the general election are being trained on Empower.

Why is Empower a non-profit?

Empower works best in places where people aren’t already likely to vote. Lower-propensity-to-vote communities are often marginalized and don’t have enough money to pay for software. As a non-profit, we can provide the product free to these groups; as a matter of fact, we also include substantial free organizing training, and sometimes, even grants to hire an organizer to help implement the approach. Being a non-profit best positions us to do whatever is necessary to make things work.

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